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FHSP Distinguished With Endorsement Breakdown

Summary: This report displays CTE and Non-CTE students in regards to their FHSP Distinguished Participation Level and whether or not they have endorsements.

Usage: Check for proper coding on FHSP Distinguished level students must have at least 1 endorsement and CTE student’s endorsements at district or campus level.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS (leavers)

  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type (grade level)
  • 48011 Student Graduation Program Sub-Category
    StudentGraduationProgramExtension Complex Type (FHSP)
  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    StudentProgramExtension Complex Type (CTE)

NOTE: Years prior to 2014-2015 PEIMS will not have results for this report, as this was the year implementation began.

Updated on 10/28/2021

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