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Leaver FHSP Distinguished With Endorsement Breakdown

Summary: This report displays fall leaver students at the LEA or a specific campus who have completed their FHSP Distinguished Level Achievement (code 2) and whether or not they have completed endorsements.

Usage: Check for proper coding on FHSP Distinguished level achievement and endorsements. Students who have completed FHSP Distinguished level must have at least 1 endorsement.

Special Note: Years prior to 2014-2015 PEIMS will not have results for this report, as this was the year implementation began.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS (Leavers)

  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    • StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type (Grade Level)
  • 40203 School Leaver Sub-Category
    • SchoolLeaverExtension Complex Type
  • 48011 Student Graduation Program Sub-Category
    • StudentGraduationProgramExtension Complex Type


  • FHSP Distinguished Level = FHSP Disting Level Achieve Indicator Code – E1542 (C199)
  • STEM = STEM Endorsement Indicator Code – E1544 (C199)
  • Business and Industry = Business and Industry Endorsement Indicator Code – E1545 (C199)
  • Public Services = Public Services Endorsement Indicator Code – E1546 (C199)
  • Arts and Humanities = Arts and Humanities Endorsement Indicator Code – E1547 (C199)
  • Multi-Disciplinary = Multiple Disciplinary Studies Endorsement Indicator Code – E1548 (C199)
  • FHSP Distinguished Level ‘2’ with No Endorsements – These are potential data coding errors that should be verified
  • Not FHSP Distinguished level with Endorsements – Students with FHSP Distinguished level = 0 or null but have at least one endorsement = 2 (potential coding errors)
  • Not FHSP Distinguished level with No Endorsements – Students with FHSP Distinguished level = 0 or null and all endorsements = 0 or null


  • Filters:
    • Multi select Year (Default most recent 3 fall PEIMS years)
    • Multi select Grade (Default All Grades based on 09-12)
    • Single select Campus (Default All Campuses District view)
    • Single select Student Population filter
      • All Students – displays all leaver students
      • CTE Coding Codes – displays leaver students based on the summer PEIMS auto calculated CTE code selected

Updated on 01/19/2022

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