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Financial Report – Shared Service Fiscal Arrangement

Financial Report – Shared Service Fiscal Arrangement

Summary: Displays a list shared services your district acts as the fiscal agent for.

Usage: Review for accuracy.

Data Sources: Mid-Year PEIMS submission.

PEIMS 033 Record E0755 (Table C042)
Shared Service Type Code E0776 (Table C049)
Fund Code E0316 (Code Table C145)

Resources for definitions and calculations:
Please note- Actual expenditures for a school year are submitted to TEA the following school year. Example; all revenue and expenditures for the 15-16 school year are reported to TEA in January 2017, during the 16-17 school year. Therefore, updated data for this report can only be generated by the district during the following year.

Shared Service Arrangement fiscal agents should send expenditure reports to each SSA member district showing the 033 DISTRICT FINANCE DATA – SHARED SERVICES ARRANGEMENT ACTUAL record reporting that will be done on behalf of that SSA member district. Fiscal agent districts can use EDIT+ report PRFBD001 – Actual SSA Financial Summary by Fund and SSA Type as a starting point for distribution of the relevant expenditures on behalf of SSA members.

For additional information related to Shared Service Arrangements, reference Module 1 of the Financial Accounting Resource Guide at: https://tea.texas.gov/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=2147491750&libID=2147491747

Updated on 11/04/2021

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