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Frequency of TSDS / PEIMS uploads

Normally districts set up a schedule for PEIMS uploads into OnDataSuite…ie…every Friday afternoon or every Monday morning.

District’s can begin uploads for the current year as soon as the SIS and/or BIS allow the xml interchange files to be created (state reporting). Once the xmls are extracted, then they can be uploaded into OnDataSuite as often as desired.

NOTE: Partial and preliminary files are welcome, but each upload must contain dependency files.

PEIMS Suggested schedule: As soon as the data can be extract, until resubmission.

Fall – (Sept – Jan)
Summer – (Sept – May)
Mid-Year – (Nov- Feb)
Extended – ( July – Sept)

All TSDS submissions – As soon as the xml files are available that are needed for the submission, they can be uploaded into OnDataSuite.

Continue uploads on a Weekly/Daily basis, or as often as needed for clean up/review until the final submission has been sent to TEA.

NOTE: Subsequent files will overwrite the previous file for the same year/same submission. (wipe/replace)

Lastly, if your SIS/BIS allows you to schedule tasks that automate the xml interchange extract process for Fall/Summer PEIMS (SMS Skyward), feel free to explore the “OnSync” option to load data via KB article.

Updated on 02/02/2022

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