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FTE by Function Code

Summary: This report displays several items including payroll information and FTEs by payroll function code and separates the information into professional (object 6119) and support personnel (object 6129).

Usage: Review report to ensure reasonableness of payroll information by function code. This report can also be used to review student to staff ratios.

Data Source(s): Fall PEIMS records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • Staff Education Org Employment Association Extension Complex Type – 30050
    • Payroll Extension Complex Type – 30060
    • Responsibilities Extension Complex Type – 30090
  • InterchangeStudent
    • Student Extension Complex Type – 40110


  • Enrollment – Total student enrollment reported on Fall PEIMS Snapshot


  • Pay Amount – Sum of all payroll amounts (E0425) with that payroll function code (E0317)
  • FTE – Sum of all FTEs reported with that payroll function code (E0317)
    • If the number of days employed (E0160) is greater than or equal to 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking the percent of day employed (E0760) divided by 100
    • If the number of days employed (E0160) is less than 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking (percent of the day employed / 100) x (the number of days employed) all divided by 187
  • Average Pay – Pay Amount / FTE
  • Student/Staff FTE Ratio – Total Student Enrollment / Total Staff

Features: Can be run for individual campuses and for prior years

Special Notes: Only staff who have both a payroll-30060 and at least one responsibility-30090 record will be reported.

Updated on 11/01/2021

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