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Governmental Funds Expenditures – Last Five Fiscal Years

Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Historical Review Reports > Governmental Funds Expenditures – Last Five Fiscal Years

Summary: Actual audited fund expenditures by function code as reported annually to TEA in Mid-Year PEIMS.

Usage: Review expenditures for accuracy, reasonableness and consistency across latest 5 years PEIMS Mid-Year Files loaded in ODS.

Data Sources: Mid-Year PEIMS file.


  • Function Code – PEIMS element E0317
  • Object Code – PEIMS element E0318


By Year, By Function Code = sum of expenditure Object Codes (6xxx).

Total Expenditures = sum of function code expenditures by year.

Resources and Notes:

TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide – audit requirements and account code definitions.

*NOTE- Actual audited balances for a school year are submitted to TEA the following school year in the Mid-Year PEIMS submission. Example; all balances for the 19-20 school year were reported to TEA in January 2021, during the 20-21 school year. Therefore, updated data for this report can only be generated by the district during the following year, once Mid-Year PEIMS is generated.

Mid-Year PEIMS files in OnDataSuite are associated with the year the data is reported (actual 2019-2020 data) as opposed to the year PEIMS collects (2020-2021). All reports reflect the use of the Mid-Year PEIMS data accurately upon the TEA PEIMS collections schedule.

Updated on 10/05/2022

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