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Graphing – provides options for visualizing data

  • Pie chart, trend line, bar graph, or bubble graph
    • First 5 codes automatically selected
    • Hover over graph results to highlight specific codes
    • To turn off graph, click on graph image again
  • Trend Line and Bar Graphs Only:
    • Inverted – switch the X and Y axis
    • Polar
    • Click legend elements on and off to readjust graph
  • Drop-down for legend tags at bottom of graph
    • Code
    • Description (Default)
    • Code-Description
  • Click “Print/Download” far right-hand side to:
    • “Full Screen” to display only the graph; Click “Exit Full Screen” to return to graph and data chart results
    • “Show Values” to display the values on the graph; Click “Hide Values” to remove values
    • Print or download the graph in several formats
Updated on 10/11/2021

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