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HB 1416 EOC Student List

Data Sources

  Student Data – Fall PEIMS

  STAAR Data – Prior year and current Year

Report Location: Assessment >> STAAR End of Course>> STAAR EOC 1416

This report will generate a student list based on the year selected for the selected grade level and will show all students who tested in at least one EOC Test.

TEA Accelerated Testing Site

See Attachments for TEA flow chart

Report Display

Displayed results will show all STAAR EOC subjects tested within the selected year side by side and can be filtered in combination with other assessments.

Results by tested subject can be filtered by

  • Failed – Low Did Not Meet, High Did Not Meet
  • Passed
  • First Time Tester
  • First Time Tester Failed 

Understanding Codes

First-Time Tester Y or N (yes or no)

Failed Previous Year, Y or N (yes or no)

Low Did not Meet – Y, N, or E (yes, no, or excluded)

High Did Not Meet – Y, N, or E (yes, no, or excluded)

Blank- Has a test passing in another administration such as Summer

How are hours Calculated?

Hours are calculated using the HB 1416 FAQ document specifically question 13. Full FAQ document. https://tea.texas.gov/academics/learning-support-and-programs/hb-1416-faq.pdf

Attached is TEA Flow chart.

Updated: Monday, January 29th 2024

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Updated on 02/07/2024

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