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HB 1416 STAAR 3-8 Student List

Data Sources:

Current Year and Prior Year STAAR  

Class Roster Winter


Report Location: Assessment >> STAAR Grades 3-8 >> STAAR 3-8 Custom Reports>>STAAR 3-8 HB1416

TEA Accelerated Instructions

See Attachments for the TEA Flow Chart

This report will generate a student list based on the year selected for the selected grade level and will show all students who tested in at least one STAAR 3-8 subject for the selected year.

Example of how the students are pulled based on filter selection

Example using selected filters: 2022-2023 | 8th grade | Reading Passed

If Frank Smith is enrolled in 8th grade for the 2022-23 school year but tested in 7th-grade reading, either of these two filters would apply to the student and he would come up on the list:

Selected filters: 2022-23 | 8th grade | Reading Passed – Student would show because he is currently an 8th grader in PEIMS 2022-23

Selected filters: 2022-23 | 7th grade | Reading Passed – Student would NOT appear because he is not a 7th-grade student in the current 2022-23 year.

Report Display

Displayed results will show all STAAR 3-8 subjects tested within the selected year side by side and can be filtered in combination with other assessments.

Prior Year Approaches 0 – No (failed)

           1- yes (approaches or above)

Score Code

Scale Score

Raw Score

Test Ver

Low Did Not Meet

High Did Not Meet

Hours needed for interventions

  • If grade enrolled = 3 and Low Did Not Meet or High Did Not Meet = “Y”, 30 hours
  • If grade enrolled > 3:
    • If( Low Did Not Meet or High Did No Meet = “Y”) AND Prior Year Approaches = ‘0’, 30 hours
    • If Low Did Not Meet “Y” AND Prior Year Approaches = ‘1’, 30 hours
    • If High Did Not Meet “Y” AND Prior Year Approaches = ‘1’, 15 hours

Results by tested subject can be filtered by

  • Year – default is latest year STAAR results
  • Current Campus – multi-select feature and defaults to all Campuses where student is currently enrolled.
  • Grade Enrolled – defaults to all grades and this is the grade the student was enrolled in when taking the test
  • By subject: Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies: Default is None
    • Failed – Low Did Not Meet, High Did Not Meet
    • Passed – Approaches, Meets, or Masters
    • None
  • Focus List: (optional)
Updated on 06/19/2024

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