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HB 1416 STAAR 3-8 Student List

This report will generate a student list based on the year selected for the selected grade level and will show all students who tested in at least one STAAR 3-8 subject for the selected year.

Example of how the students are pulled based on filter selection

Example using selected filters: 2022-2023 | 8th grade | Reading Passed

If Frank Smith is enrolled in 8th grade for the 2022-23 school year but tested in 7th-grade reading, either of these two filters would apply to the student and he would come up on the list:

Selected filters: 2022-23 | 8th grade | Reading Passed – Student would show because he is currently an 8th grader in PEIMS 2022-23

Selected filters: 2022-23 | 7th grade | Reading Passed – Student would NOT appear because he is not a 7th-grade student in the current 2022-23 year.

Report Display

Displayed results will show all STAAR 3-8 subjects tested within the selected year side by side and can be filtered in combination with other assessments.

Prior Year Approaches

Score Code

Scale Score

Raw Score

Tes Ver

Low Did Not Meet

High Did Not Meet

Hours needed for interventions

Results by tested subject can be filtered by

Failed – Low Did Not Meet, High Did Not Meet
Passed – Approaches, Meets, or Masters

Updated on 11/07/2023

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