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HB3 Student Counts – Dyslexia Services Report 

Report Location: Finance Custom Reports > Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports > Student Funding Detail Reports > HB3 Student Count – Dyslexia Services Report

Summary: This report provides Student count data for HB3 program funding related to Dyslexia.

Usage: Use aide to help complete the Summary of Finance(SOF) template data element related to Dyslexia allotment as defined by HB3. The allotment is based upon the count of students receiving dyslexia services as reported in Summer PEIMS.

Data Source(s):

Summer PEIMS

  • Interchange Student Program Extension
    • 40110 Student Program Extension Complex Type
      • Dyslexia Services Code (E1650) (New 19-20 Summer PEIMS Element)
  • Interchange Student Enrollment Extension
    • 40110/43415 Student School Association Extension Complex Type


  • Student Count: Dyslexia Services Code – codes 01, 02, 03
  • 01 – Receiving Services for Dyslexia or related disorder : count of students reporting only Dyslexia Services Code 01
  • 02 – Receiving instruction that meets applicable dyslexia program criteria : count of students reporting only Dyslexia Services Code 02
  • 03 – The student is permitted, on basis of having dyslexia or related disorder, to use modifications: count of students reporting only Dyslexia Services Code 03
  • Students with two or more Dyslexia Services Codes (01, 02, 03): count of students reporting multiple Dyslexia Services Codes.
  • Total : Total count of students receiving at least one Dyslexia Service.


  • Year filter (multi select, default latest PEIMS file loaded beginning with 19-20 school year)
  • Campus filter (multi select, default is District/Campus Summary)
  • Grade filter (multi select, default is All Grades Summary)
  • Focus List filter
  • Drill down on counts to see detailed student list

Special Notes: As TEA provides updates for the 19-20 HB3 funding changes, the reports will be updated.

Resources for Calculations:

TEA HB3 Resource page: https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/HB3-Video-Series-Dyslexia-Allotment.pdfhttps://tea.texas.gov/About_TEA/Government_Relations_and_Legal/Government_Relations/House_Bill_3

Updated on 12/05/2023

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