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High Quality Prekindergarten Average Teacher to Student Ratio 

Summary: This report displays average prekindergarten teacher to student ratios for selected years by campus and district. It also highlights those averages that are higher than the recommended 11 to 1 ratio.

Usage: Review campus averages and detailed drill downs for the high quality prekindergarten component teacher to student ratios.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS Records

  • Interchange Staff Association
    • 30040 – StaffExtension Complex Type
    • 30090 – StaffResponsibilitiesExtension Complex Type


  • Pulls any staff member with the Service ID (E0724) = 01010000 – Pre-Kindergarten


  • Averages the Number Students In Class (E0170) for all classes in the appropriate year and campus


  • Multi-select Year filter (Default Most Recent 3 Years)
  • Averages greater than or equal to 12.0 are highlighted in red
  • Drill down on averages to review detailed staff list including role ID, number of students, and red highlighting
    • Note: Drill down red highlighting will not export to Excel

Special Notes:

  • To see all prekindergarten responsibility records with highlighted number of students greater than or equal to 12, click on the LEA average.

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Updated on 11/03/2021

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