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IBC Demographics Student Counts by Grade

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>CTE

Summary: This report displays IBC (Post Secondary Certification Licensure) student counts by grade level broken down by gender, ethnicity and special populations.

Usage: Use this report for TEA audit reporting and other various data reviews.

Special Note:

  • Report can be run at the region level for ESCs

Data Sources:

  • Interchange Student Extension
    • Student Extension
  • Interchange Student Enrollment Extension
    • Student School Association Extension
  • Interchange Student Program Extension
    • Student Program Extension


  • All gender, ethnicity, and special populations counts are based on students in the summer PEIMS submission
    • Note: IBCs reported in the fall PEIMS submission will be included in counts
  • Special Populations
    • Special Education – E0794 = 1 (C088)
    • Eco Dis – E0785 > 00 (C054)
    • Emergent Bilingual – E0790 = 1 (C061)
    • Homeless – E1082 > 0 (C189)
    • Foster Care – E1528 = 1 (C196)
    • Military Connected – E1529 > 0 (C197)
    • Migrant – E0984 = 1 (C088)


  • Total %
    • Grade Level Rows – Total in each grade / Total in that IBC
    • Total IBC Rows – Total in that IBC / All IBCs Total Students


  • Filter on:
    • Single select Year – Default most recent PEIMS summer file
    • Multi select IBC Code – Default All IBCs
    • Single select IBC Results – Default All IBC Results
      • All IBC Results – Sums all IBCs (students with multiple results will count once)
      • 01 – Earned
      • 02 – Passed
      • 03 – Failed
    • Multi select Campuses
      • District/Campus Summary – Selected alone displays district summary totals (Default)
      • Campus(es)
        • Selected without District/Campus Summary displays each campus individually separated
        • Selected with District/Campus Summary displays each campus individually separated along with a Campus Summary of all campuses selected
      • Note: If running at region level, Region/District Summary is available and works the same as the district level except it uses LEAs instead of campuses for individual selection.
    • Focus List – Use to run report for specific groups of students, for example, a specific special population like special education.
  • Drill down on Student Counts to review detailed student information including the special populations indicators
Updated on 06/13/2024

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