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Inaccurate Role ID Reporting to PEIMS

Summary: This report produces an error listing of staff members who have inaccurate role id reporting.

Usage: Review report to see who is being inaccurately coded in either Role ID or Auxiliary Role ID according to the combination of staff object codes and role ids being reported in the PEIMS fall submission. It is possible that payroll object codes might also need to be modified to eliminate inaccurate coding.

Data Sources: This report utilizes the Fall PEIMS data

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • Staff Extension Complex Type – 30040
    • Staff Education Org Employment Association Extension Complex Type – 30050
    • Payroll Extension Complex Type – 30060
    • Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type – 30090


  • Staff Type – E1073 on 30040
  • Object – E0318 on 30060
  • Role ID – E0721 on 30090
  • Auxiliary Role ID – E1594 on 30050


  • Staff members who have the following error conditions will appear on the report
    • Both Role ID and Auxiliary Role ID Blank
    • Staff type = 3 and an Auxiliary Role ID
    • Only Object 6119 and an Auxiliary Role ID
    • Only Object 6129 and a Role ID that is not equal 033 or 036
    • Object 6119 and 6129 and Only Role ID (not equal 033 or 036) or Only Auxiliary Role ID
    • Object 6119 and 6129 and Role ID = 033 or 036 and an Auxiliary Role ID

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Texas Education Data Standards

Updated on 11/04/2021

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