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Loading TEAL – Accelerated Tester File

TEA will provide an annual accelerated tester file through their TEAL system.

The current 2021-22 Accelerated Tester file was released in an Comma Separated Value (.CSV) format with header values in the order listed below. Districts loading this file must make sure that their column header values follow the exact format shown below prior to loading.

District Number
Campus Number
Campus Name
Student Name
Student ID
TSDS Unique ID
Local ID
Date of Birth
ACT or SAT Math
ACT or SAT Reading
ACT Science

Compare your OnDataSuite Accelerated tester list to the TEA List

Once loaded, users may choose to compare their TEA released file with their current STAAR EOC Accelerated Tester Report located in OnDataSuite under the Assessment > STAAR End-of-Course > STAAR EOC & PEIMS > STAAR EOC Accelerated Testers (SAT/ACT)

Updated on 05/27/2022

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