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Loading TSDS – Child Find

The following TSDS Interchange files are required for Child Find:

  • InterchangeEducationOrganizationExtension
  • InterchangeEducationOrgCalendar
  • InterchangeStudentParentExtension
  • InterchangeStudentEnrollmentExtension
  • InterchangeStudentProgramExtension

Click on the green upload button to upload the interchanges (must have administrative rights).

  • Browse to either a zipped or unzipped file.  Make sure the file type is “All Files” at the bottom right of the browse screen.
    • If zipped, ensure interchanges are directly in the zipped file and not in a parent folder within the zipped file.
    • If unzipped, select all files, the order does not matter.
  • Click Open after selecting all interchange or zipped files.
    • File(s) will be inserted.
  • Select the appropriate 
    • Year
    • Submission CF
    • Process
      • Load data and run edits – data will be updated in the database and applied to all reports and the edits.
      • Run edits only – data will only be applied to edits portion of the system (no updates to the database).
      • Load data only – data will be updated in the database and applied to all reports except for the edits (depending on size of file, could save significant time).
      • These processes can be run without files replacing each other
      • They all will be stored in the history area below
      • ‘Run edits only’ files will have an indicator on the far-right hand side labeledEdits
      • ‘Load data only’ will have an indicator labeled Data
  • Click the green ‘Start Upload’ button
    • OR Click the black X to delete file(s)
    • OR ‘Cancel Upload’ to completely stop the upload process
  • When data load is complete scroll down to view all the files loaded.
  • Click on the Info, Edits, orData link, far right-hand side, to see process information including interchange files loaded.

Best Practice: Verify all interchange files sections loaded OK. If not, recognize the missing data may affect certain reports requiring the associated data.

Note: While a file is loading, you may continue to work throughout the rest of the system, including file uploads for other areas.

Updated on 05/02/2022

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