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LSA Of Dyslexia Services Coded 02 Or 03 Without Code 01

Summary: This report is a reflection of the TEA desk audit that will provide a list of students who have a dyslexia services code of 02 (Receiving instruction that meets applicable dyslexia program criteria) and/or 03 (The student is permitted, on basis of having dyslexia or related disorder, to use modifications) without a code of 01(Receiving Services for Dyslexia or related disorder).

Usage: Verify that students have accurate coding for dyslexia services. A student who is coded 02 and/or 03 but not 01 leads TEA to question how the LEA properly identified a student as being in need of receiving dyslexia or related services considering that 99.99% of these students should have an ARD or 504 Plan, which means they should have code 01 as well.

Special Note: This audit query started the 2021-2022 school year.

Data Sources: PEIMS Summer Records

  • InterchangeStudentProgramExtension
    • 40110 StudentProgramExtension Complex Type


  • Students who have a Dyslexia Services Code – E1650 (C224) of 02 or 03, or combination of 02 and 03, and do not have a code of 01 will be included in the report
  • Sect 504(18-19) = Section 504 Indicator Code – E1603 (C088)
  • SPED = Special Ed Indicator Code – E0794 (C088)
Updated on 01/06/2022

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