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LSA Of Prekindergarten Students Enrolled Without Proper PEIMS Code

This report has been retired due to TEA no longer running this as a desk audit. The summer version has been moved to the Student>Student Data Validation>Funding Data Validation folder.

Summary: This report will display a list of students who are coded as PK, but have no special program coded that would qualify them as eligible for PK funding.

Usage: Use this report to ensure proper coding for students’ grade level, special program codes, and ADA eligibility. It includes all students who have no special programs coded regardless of the ADA eligibility code in order to validate all information.

Data Source(s): Fall PEIMS

  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    • StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • 40100 Student Basic Information Sub-Category
    • StudentExtension Complex Type


  • LEP – E0790 (C061)
  • Eco Dis – E0785 (C054)
  • Military Connected Student – E1529 (C197)
  • Foster Care Indicator – E1528 (C196)
  • Homeless Status – E1082 (C189)
  • Star of Texas Indicator Code – E1601 (C088)
  • PK Eligible Prev Year Indicator – E1649 (C088)
  • ADA Eligibility (100 Record) – E0787 (C059)


  • Includes students who:
    • LEP not equal 1 AND
    • Eco Dis = 00 AND
    • Military Connected Student not equal 4 AND
    • Foster Care Indicator equal 0 AND
    • Homeless Status equal 0 AND
    • Star of Texas Indicator Code equal 0 AND
    • PK Eligible Prev Year Indicator equal 0

Special Notes:

  • If student does not qualify for PK funding, than an ineligible ADA code should be reflected.
    • Example: 5 year old in the PK program
  • If student is served less than 2 hours daily, than an ADA code of 0-enrolled, but not in membership- may be used.

Resources for qualifications:

Updated on 04/11/2024

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