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ESSA PR3002 Aide – Title III, Part A

Summary: Report can be used to help report Part 5 of the ESSA PR3002.

Usage: Use data to help complete teacher information in the eGrants system.

Data Sources: PEIMS Fall records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation > TeacherSectionAssociation > Role-ID
  • InterchangeMasterSchedule > SectionExtension > Population-Served-Code

Part 5: Teacher Information and Professional Development

  • Number of certified/licensed teachers serving in a Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP): Staff reported in the PEIMS Fall submission with Role-ID (E0721) = 087 and Population-Served-Code (E0747) = 02 (Bilingual) or 07 (ESL)

Special Note(s):

  • Due to the multiple ways a district could code and report language instruction teachers to PEIMS, the total represented here should be an aid to reporting. It might not represent ALL language instruction teachers. Use the drill-down on the total to review staff being reported and make appropriate changes to the total if necessary.

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Updated on 11/04/2021

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