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No High School Fine Arts Courses

Summary: This report displays students who have no course completion records with a Fine Arts service ID across all years in either the summer or extended year PEIMS submission.

Usage: Use this report to review students, especially upper classmen, who are still needing to complete a fine arts course for graduation purposes.

Special Notes:

  • A student might appear even though they have a fine arts course if they received the credit from another LEA. Cross reference SIS course records to determine if this is the case.
  • Floral Design CTE courses: 13001800, 13001810, N1300270 are considered fine arts, therefore, students who have taken these are not included in the report.

Data Source(s):

  • Summer PEIMS
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 Student Basic Information
        • StudentExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Enrollment
      • 40110 Enrollment
        • StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Transcript
      • 43415 CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type
  • Extended Year PEIMS
    • Interchange Student Transcript
      • 43415 CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type


  • Continuously Enrolled
    • Derived from CCMR EWS Reporting
      • Y indicates student has been continuously enrolled for at least the last 4 years
      • N indicates student has not been continuously enrolled and could have fine arts courses not reported to PEIMS from your LEA. These students should be verified to have a fine arts class in your SIS historical files.


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select Campus (Default All high schools)
    • Multi-select Grade (Default All high school grade levels)
    • Single select Year (Defaults to most recent Summer PEIMS year)
Updated on 04/12/2022

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