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OnSync set up for PEIMS & CCMR EWS Supplement Files

Use OnSync to load external TSDS PEIMS and/or CCmR EWS Supplement files to OnDataSuite on a scheduled basis.

Please watch the video below to get started.

Once you have viewed the video, you can fill out the information on the screen:

  • IP address
  • Email of person responsible for set up (technical staff in most cases)
  • Click ‘Submit OnSync request’ button

We then have to whitelist the IP of the computer your district will use for OnSync to allow it for connection.

  • Once that is complete, your login credentials along with upload location information and your private ssh key will be emailed to you.

DATA SOURCES – check for upload success

  • Located under File Center>Data Sources tab.
  • Click on the Blue Box for the type of data loaded via OnSync – TSDS PEIMS or CCMR EWS Supplement
  • Scroll down toward the bottom of the screen to see the upload history.
  • The “Uploaded By” Column will display “OnSync” if a file was loaded by the OnSync SFTP upload process.


  • OnSync for TSDS PEIMS or CCMR EWS does not directly connect to data providers such as Skyward, Ascender, Eduphoria, or any others. You must create a process to place your files into your OnSync folder.
  • Our OnSync SFTP server checks for files daily.
    • First check is at 8PM and we keep checking your folder until 6AM the next morning.
  • It is required for TSDS uploads to have the file names matching the TEA naming conventions.
  • If you drop your files into your OnSync folder by 8PM, we will load them to your OnPoint (interchanges will be removed after load).
    • If your folder is empty between 8PM and 6AM, OnSync moves on. Current data remains.
  • To pause or stop loading from occurring, stop the process on the SIS and/or ERP side that moves the interchanges to the OnDataSuite sftp folder.
  • Web upload is always available so you can keep uploading during the day.
  • We have put security measures in place to keep your data safe.

Notes specifically for PEIMS XML Interchanges

  • The LEA must set up the processing (schedule task recommended) for the TSDS SIS or Business XML interchange files (unzipped
  •  All “dependent” XML interchange files must be included and sent to the SFTP server for the nightly upload.
  • Each nightly upload will wipe/replace the previous upload.
Updated on 07/20/2022

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