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OnSync – Skyward FTP Connection Setup.

Skyward users may use the built in FTP client to transmit files to the OndataSuite OnSync server. Below is a screen shot from the service and the variables users should enter.

Skyward users should review the knowledge base article linked below prior to setting the FTP service up.

The screen shot below is from the “OnSync” screen if your file center in OnDataSuite. After you input the two required fields as shown below a support ticket will be created. The ticket system will send you information required to set up the skyward FTP client.

The screen shot below is the Skyward FTP Client.

Description: OnSync
Protocol: SFTP (with SSH)
Host: The support ticket system will email you the host IP address to be input here.
Port: 22
Path: /uploads/TSDS
Filename: Leave Blank
Username: (When user request OnSync from OndataSuite file center we will email this to you.)
Password: Leave Blank
Confirm Password: Leave Blank
Use key based authentication: Checked
SSH Private key: The support ticket system will email you a file that ends with a file extension “.pem”. Save the pem file somewhere final on your local computer then select that file here as the SSH key.
Key type: Leave Blank
Passphrase: Leave Blank

Updated on 07/25/2023

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