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Payroll to Responsibility Campus Mismatch

Summary: This report displays staff who have a different campus(es) between the payroll and responsibility records.

Usage: Review report to ensure appropriate coding of either payroll org codes or responsibility records.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • 30040 – Staff Extension Complex Type
    • 30060 – Payroll Extension Complex Type
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type


  • Only staff who have both 30060 and 30090 records are included (auxiliary staff not included).
  • Org/Campus codes are compared between the 30060 and 30090 and if not completely equal (every campus has a match in the opposite record), staff will be included in the report.


  • Filter on year
  • Drill down on teacher ID to see staff profile

Special Note(s):

  • Due to the design of the report, it does not work with campus level only access
Updated on 11/04/2021

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