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PEIMS Actual – Mid Year

LEA’s/ESC’s submit actual audited finance expenditures in the Mid-Year PEIMS data collection for the prior school year. Actual expenditures are submitted in greater detail than budgeted data is submitted. Totals displayed represent a sum of Revenue and Expenditure for the respective criteria. OnDataSuite maintains the data associated with the year reported, not the year collected.

Example: Choosing the “Actual” category and “Fund 199” as the criteria for the “current year”, will display the general fund total which represents the sum the general fund revenue and general fund expense from the “current” school year, if the data has been collected by TEA.

Legacy PEIMS Source: 010, 020, 011 & 032 records


  • Education Organization Interchange
    • LocalEducationAgencyExtension
  • Shared Services Arrangement Organization Interchange
    • SharedServiceArrangementExtension
  • Finance Interchange
    • ActualExtension
Updated on 10/11/2021

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