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PEIMS Budget -Fall

Budgeted totals displayed represent the sum of revenues and expenditures. LEA’s/ESC’s submit budgeted finance expenditures in the current school year during Fall PEIMS Submission, as per a snap shot date. Totals displayed represent a sum of revenue and expenditure for the respective criteria in the current year’s budget.
Example: Choosing the “budgeted” category and choosing “Fund 199” as the criteria will display the general fund total which represents the sum of general fund revenue and general funds expense for the current year’s budget.

Legacy PEIMS Source: 010, 020,011 & 030 records


  • Education Organization Interchange
    • LocalEducationAgencyExtension
  • Shared Services Arrangement Organization Interchange
    • SharedServiceArrangementExtension
  • Finance Interchange
    • BudgetExtension
Updated on 10/11/2021

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