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Percentage in Attendance (PIA) Variances

OnDataSuite(ODS) reports the Percentage in Attendance (PIA) on numerous Student reports and the Academic Dashboard.

Currently the calculation may vary between certain reports due to the number of decimal places and when rounding occurs in the calculation.

After researching and comparing ODS reporting to TEA TSDS PDM3-130-008 Superintendent’s Summary Report, ODS will be standardizing the PIA calculations across all reports to 1 decimal place to match TEA reporting. These updates are scheduled to occur for the start of the 23-24 school year.

The following four Student Custom reports currently match the TEA PIA calculation at 1 decimal place:

  • Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary > ADA FTE Summary
  • Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary > Attendance Contact Hour Summary
  • Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary > Six Weeks Attendance Report
  • Attendance Reports > Attendance Student Detail > Student Six Weeks Percentage in Attendance

The PIA is to be updated from 2 decimal places to 1 decimal place to match the reporting noted above on the follow six reports:

  • Student Report Center – Summer PEIMS – all sections containing criteria Percentage in Attendance (District Cumulative) and Percentage in Attendance (Reporting Period)
  • Student Custom Reports > Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary > Campus Attendance
  • Student Custom Reports > Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary > Percentage in Attendance Comparison by Ethn, Gender, Grade and Special Pop
  • Student Custom Reports > Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Reports > Refined ADA Report
  • Student Custom Reports > PEIMS Summary and Review Reports > Summer PEIMS Checklist
  • Dashboards – AcademicAttendance and Discipline

If you have additional questions related to this topic, please submit an ODS Ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.

Updated on 06/05/2023

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