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Property Type Summary Report

Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports > Comptroller Property Reports

The Property Type Summary report is created from data available from the Texas State Comptroller each year. The data is public and is posted on the Comptrollers website https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/property-tax/pvs/#skip-scroll Scroll to School District PVS Findings section to access respective year’s data.

  • Preliminary data available in January
  • Final data published in August

Latest data loaded in OnDataSuite is 2023 Preliminary (released January 31, 2024)

To view the data on the comptroller website navigate to the state comptrollers website using the URL provided. Scroll down and select your county.

After selecting your county, scroll down to your district and select the “School District Summary Worksheet”

All the information for your LEA, from each appraisal district, for each year, is combined on the OnDataSuite Property Type Summary Report.

The report default is the latest 5 years of Property Value information.

Updated on 02/13/2024

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