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Retention Report

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Retention

Summary: The Retention Report displays a list of students who have the same grade level reported in Fall PEIMS as was reported in the prior year’s Summer PEIMS data.

Usage: Locate students who have been retained to aid with current year success, as well as to verify data accuracy.

Data Sources: Fall & Summer PEIMS records

40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type (grade level)

Definitions: Retentions are calculated by comparing each student’s grade level as submitted in the Fall PEIMS submission to the most recent grade level submitted in the Summer PEIMS submission from the prior school year.

  • Example
    • Bob Smith attended Learning High School (LISD) as a 9th grader in the 2021-2022 school year. Bob Smith’s attendance was submitted in the 2021-2022 PEIMS Summer submission for LISD. Bob Smith returned to LISD in the fall of 2022-2023 and was submitted in the LISD Fall PEIMS submission as a 9th grader. Bob Smith would be listed on the retention report.


  • Filter on:
    • Multi select year – Default all years loaded
      • allows year ranges to be selected; searches through every year to see if retained
    • Single select Campus – Default All Campuses
    • Multi select grades – Default All Grades
      • applies to the fall grade of the years selected
    • Single select Gender – Default All Genders
    • Single select Ethnicity – Default All Ethnicities
    • Single select Student Population – Default None Selected (all students are displayed)
      • special program selection such as At Risk, Eco Dis, Sped, etc.
  • Focus List
Updated on 10/24/2022

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