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Retrieving PEIMS files from TSDS

Obtaining files from TSDS.

  • Option 1 -TSDS edm functionality allows users to pull xml files.
  • Option 2- PEIMS Data Mart (PDM) Data Retrieve functionality allows user to pull CSV files.
    • CAUTION: The following data is not currently included in  TSDS retrieve data (CSV files).
      • Student Section Association complex
      • *Campus Expanded Learning Opportunity Information (Summer-10020)
      • *Special Education Program Effective Dates-All E1632 (Summer-41163)
      • *Summer Student Special Ed Program Information for PEIMS/RF Tracker report
      • *Residential Facility Indicator E1629 (Summer-40100)
        • (*  due to being unbound or multiples)

TSDS Retrieval Instructions: Log into TSDS

Option 1: TSDS EDM BATCH FILE  (XML Format) – preferred

  • TSDS edm/batch file – pulls the interchange files out of TSDS
    Example- ECDS data elements that are included in the Summer PEIMS file, but are NOT loaded into the PDM.

edm instructions:

  • Log into TSDS and go to the Batch Manager- EDM
  • Locate your “Batch”
  • Select the “Spyglass” ( on the right)
  • Under “actions”, you should be able to see all your interchange files for the batch
  • This should send you to the ETL
    • Scroll to the top and locate the “Validation Info” tab
    • Click on Validation Information tab
  • Toward the bottom see the “Source File” and “Download File”.
  • Use the “Download file” to pull up your interchange files for the collection and download to your local drive!
  • Option 2- Retrieve data from PDM   (CSV Format)
    • Log in and go to PEIMS/View Reports
  • Locate the “Retrieve Submission Data” functionality under Access Data.
  • Select All Categories and click “ADD”. Create a name for the file in the “Submission Retrieval Name” field, and click “Next”.
  • Confirm Year, collect and categories, then click “Submit”.

NOTE: If changes are needed, “Cancel” and find the correct Year/Submission using the drop downs located at the top of the TSDS screen.

  •  When Data is ready to download, the status will show COMPLETED and Retrieve will be hyperlinked to the file. (Use refresh, as needed.)
  • Click “Save” and a zipped file will appear on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Save zipped file in desired location/folder. It is ready to upload into OnDataSuite.
Updated on 01/27/2022

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