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ESSA Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO)

Report Location: Accountability>Federal: Accountability Report Center

Summary: This report models the ESSA Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) methodology for identifying persistently dangerous campuses.

Usage: Review information for possibly being placed on a watch list or identified as persistently dangerous.

Special Note:

  • Starting with the 2023-2024 year filter:
    • Removed Disciplinary Action Reason Code 13 – Unlawful Carrying of a Club
    • Added Disciplinary Action Reason Code 59 – Serious Misbehavior while expelled to/placed in a DAEP

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS Records

  • Interchange Student Discipline Extension
    • Discipline Incident Extension
    • Student Discipline Incident Association Extension
  • Interchange Student Attendance Extension
    • Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension


  • Disciplinary incidents are counted once regardless of how many students were involved.
    • Note: This will result in some summary counts being lower than the drill down counts since the drill down will display all students with the single disciplinary incident number.
    • For example, you see a summary count of 1, but when you drill down, there are 3 students. However, they all have the same incident number, so the summary count is correct according to the methodology.
  • Displays 3 years of information, the year filter and 2 years prior.
  • Only includes disciplinary incidents where Behavior Location Code (E1083) = 01 or 03
  • Excludes incidents that have a Disciplinary Action Code (E1005) = 11, 12, 58, or 59 (continuations from prior year)
  • School Year (Enrollment) – Count is based on any student who attended at least one day (42400 records)


  • Percentage = (Number of incidents / School Year (Enrollment) ) * 100


  • Filter by:
    • Single select Year (Default most recent summer PEIMS year)
    • Single select Campus (Default district totals)

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Updated on 04/15/2024

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