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Section 504 Discipline Removals

Summary: This report displays summer section 504 students with a specific range of either official or actual days length sum totals according to a slider. It shows the individual details for each discipline incident number, action reason code, action code, offense length, and actual length and sum totals for the official and actual length.

Usage: Use this report to analyze section 504 discipline incidents by action reason, action codes, or length of days.

Data Source(s): Summer PEIMS records

  • Interchange Student
    • 40100 – StudentExtenstion Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Program
    • 40110 – StudentProgramExtension Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Discipline
    • 44425
      • DisciplineIncidentExtension Complex Type
      • StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociationExtension
      • DisciplineActionExtension


  • Only Section 504 Students E1603 (C088) = 1
  • Campus – E0782 from 44425 – Discipline
  • Disciplinary Incident Number – E1016
  • Disciplinary Action Reason – E1006 C165
  • Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 C164
  • Official Length – E1007
  • Actual Length – E1008


  • Total Lengths – Sum totals of official and actual length of days
  • Total Students – Total students on report according to filter selections


  • Filter on:
    • Detail/Summary Switch (default Details)
      • Details – displays details along with totals row
      • Totals Only – only displays sum total row
    • Length of Discipline Assignments slider (default 1 -10)
      • Applies to both Official Length and Actual Length sum totals
    • Multi-select Action Reason Codes (default All)
    • Multi-select Action Codes (default All)
    • Year
    • Multi-select Campus (default All)

Special Notes:

  • Sum of Official or Actual Lengths that fall between the slider values are highlighted in red.
Updated on 11/03/2021

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