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Course Credit Duplicates

Summary: This report displays summer PEIMS students based on the year selected who have a service ID that has received credit for the same course sequence part in either the same year or different years in either summer or extended year reporting.

Usage: Use this report to review possible master schedule coding issues or transcript issues that need to be modified. Also can be used to help with identifying CTE courses that aren’t being used for auto calculation due to master schedule coding issues (both parts are in semester 1).

Special Note(s):

  • Service IDs that begin with ‘PES’ (PE Substitution) are excluded from this report since they can repeat same part passing over multiple years.

Data Source(s):

  • Summer PEIMS
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 Student Basic Information
        • StudentExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Enrollment
      • 40110 Enrollment
        • StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Transcript
      • 43415 CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type
  • Extended Year PEIMS
    • Interchange Student Transcript
      • 43415 CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type


  • Students displayed if:
    • Count of Unique Service ID (E0724) > 1 AND
    • Pass/Fail Credit Indicator Codes (E0949) = 01 or 08 AND
    • Course Sequence Codes (E0948) are one or a combination of the following:
      • 0
      • 1, D1
      • 2, D2
      • 3, D3
      • 4, D4
      • 5, D5
      • 6, D6
      • 7, D7
      • 8, D8
      • 9, D9
  • SPED – E0794 matches to the Year in the row
    • 0 = Not SPED
    • 1 = SPED
  • Year indicates the year the Service ID exists (current and/or prior years)
  • Service ID indicates the course that is being counted multiple times for the same course sequence part
  • Course Sequence displays so that you can review which parts are being duplicated
    • Note: All course sequence codes are displayed for the particular year, not just the one that is duplicated


  • Filter on:
    • Multi select Course Sequence (Default All)
      • Filter lists all course sequence codes existing in the summer and extended year course completion records
      • Only displays rows where the selected course sequence(s) is the trigger
    • Single select Course Types (Default All Courses) – Uses Service ID E0724 to determine type of course
      • All Courses
      • CTE Courses
      • Non-CTE Courses
    • Multi select Trigger Year(s) (Default All Trigger Years)
      • If year selected is involved in a trigger, all rows associated with the student will display
      • Use this on the most recent year to clean up PEIMS data that can still be manipulated
    • Multi select Campus (Default All)
    • Multi select Grade (Default All)
    • Single select Year (Defaults to most recent Summer PEIMS year)
      • Used to pull base file of summer students
  • Use sort arrows on the Service ID column to easily pick out courses with issues
Updated on 10/21/2021

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