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Shared Service Arrangement (SSA) Membership

 Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Shared Service Arrangement Reports > Shared Service Arrangement Membership

Summary: Displays a list of Shared Service Arrangements your district participates in and the respective Fiscal Agent LEA by Year.

Usage: Review for accuracy by Year on Fall and MidYear submissions.

Special Note:

Mid-Year PEIMS files in OnDataSuite are associated with the year the data is reported as opposed to the year PEIMS collects . All reports reflect the use of the Mid-Year PEIMS data accurately upon the TEA PEIMS collections schedule. Years noted on these reports are the actual year the data is reported (2020-2021), not the PEIMS year collected (2021-2022).

Data Source(s):

  • Fall PEIMS : Interchange SSA Org Association Extension (10011)
  • Mid-Year PEIMS : Interchange SSA Org Association Extension (10011)


  • Member Agent ID and Name: Your LEA
  • Type Code and Type Description: Shared Svs Arrangement Type Code (E0776) (Table C049)
  • Fiscal District ID and Name: The LEA id and name of the Fiscal Agent administering the SSA.


  • Year filter (Default latest PEIMS file loaded) – multi year selection filter
  • Under Tools – Export to Excel, Bookmark and Report Notes
Updated on 01/17/2023

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