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Snapshot Enrollment Detail

Summary: This report lists student special program coding as reported in the Fall PEIMS submission. Some student data will be color coded if they are coded with certain multiple coding criteria. (See the legend at the top left of the report.)

Usage: View students alongside how they are coded for various program areas as of the PEIMS snapshot. Review for accuracy. Locate students who are included in multiple program areas, thus affecting funding and accountability for multiple student groups.

Data Source: Fall PEIMS

  • 40100 Student Basic Information Sub-Category
    StudentExtension Complex Type
  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category
    StudentProgramExtension Complex Type
  • 41461 Title I, Part A Program Sub-Category
    StudentTitleIPartAProgramAssociationExtension Complex Type


  • ADA – ADA Eligibility Code E0787 C059
  • LEP – LEP Indicator Code E0790 C061
  • BL – Bilingual Program Type Code E1042 C175
  • ESL – ESL Program Type Code E1043 C176
  • IM – Immigrant Indicator Code E0797 C088
  • AR – At Risk Indicator Code E0919 C088
  • ECO – Economic Disadvantage Code E0785 C054
  • TI – Title I Part A Indicator Code E0894 C122
  • Mig – Migrant Indicator Code E0984 C088
  • CTE – Career and Technical Ed Ind Cd
    • Prior to 2021-E0031 C142
    • 2021 and beyond-Auto Calculated Codes 5, E, 6, 7
  • GT – Gifted Talented Indicator Code E0034 C088
  • SPE – Special Ed Indicator Code E0794 C088
  • CR – Crisis Code E1054 C178
  • SSI – SSI Promotion Retention Code E1030 C171
  • DYS – Dyslexia Indicator Code E1530 C088
  • 504 – Section 504 Indicator Code E1603 C088
    • Only displays 2019 and beyond
Updated on 11/01/2021

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