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Special Education Discipline Removals

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Discipline Reports>Special Programs

Summary: This report displays summer special education students with a specific range of either official or actual days length sum totals according to a slider. It shows the individual details for each discipline incident number, reporting period, action reason code, action code, offense length, and actual length and sum totals for the official and actual length.

Usage: Use this report to evaluate when special education students are getting close to needing an ARD meeting based on discipline referral days. Also can be used for any number of reasons to analyze special education discipline incidents by reporting period, action reason, action codes, or length of days.

Data Source(s): Summer PEIMS records

  • Interchange Student
    • 40100 – StudentExtenstion Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Program
    • 40110 – StudentProgramExtension Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Discipline
    • 44425
      • DisciplineIncidentExtension Complex Type
      • StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociationExtension
      • DisciplineActionExtension


  • Campus – E0782 from 44425 – Discipline
  • Disciplinary Incident Number – E1016
  • Disciplinary Rep Prd – E0934
  • Disciplinary Action Reason – E1006 C165
  • Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 C164
  • Official Length – E1007
  • Actual Length – E1008


  • Total Lengths – Sum totals of official and actual length of days
  • Total Students – Total students on report according to filter selections

Special Notes:

  • Sum of Official or Actual Lengths that fall between the slider values are highlighted in red.


  • Filter on:
    • Detail/Summary Switch (default Details)
      • Details – displays details along with totals row
      • Totals Only – only displays sum total row
    • Length of Discipline Assignments slider (default 1 -10)
      • Applies to both Official Length and Actual Length sum totals
    • Single select Disciplinary Reporting Period (Default All)
    • Multi select Action Reason Codes (Default All)
    • Multi select Action Codes (Default All)
    • Single select Year
    • Multi select Campus (Default All)
Updated on 04/09/2024

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