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Special Education Grade Level Staff Verification 

Summary: This report displays staff who are coded as teaching or assisting special education classes.

Usage: Review report to ensure appropriate coding of the Grade Level Staff element for the teachers and educational aides who are teaching a special education course.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • 30040 – Staff Extension Complex Type
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type


  • Displays following staff:
    • Role ID = 047, 087, or 033 AND Population Served = 06 (Special Education Students)
      • OR
    • Grade Level Staff Not Blank
  • Each class is displayed on a separate row (multiple rows per staff member)
  • Elements displayed:
    • Role ID (Fall) – E0721 (C021)
    • Class ID Number – E1056
    • Service ID – E0724 (C022)
    • Population Served E0747 (C030)
    • Grade Level Staff – E0017 (C050)
    • # Students in Class – E0170


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select Grade Level Staff (Default All Grade Level Staff)
    • Multi-select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Single select Year (Default most recent fall PEIMS year with 30090 records reported)
  • All rows/Errors Only
    • All Rows displays all rows pulled by the report
    • Errors Only displays:
      • Role ID not equal 047, 087, or 033
      • Population Served not equal 06
      • Grade Level Staff is blank
Updated on 11/03/2021

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