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Special Education Year Comparison Percentages 

Report Location: Student – Student Custom Reports – SPED – Special Education Year Comparison Percentages

Summary: This report counts students coded special education from Fall or Summer PEIMS, along with the percentage of special education students compared to the total population for each campus and district.
Note: ESC version displays counts and percentages by district.

Usage: Identify students coded as special education for Fall snapshot or cumulative Summer count, and review the total population along with percents from each data collection. Can also be used for accountability measures. Use the drop down to change from Fall to Summer. Select the year dropdown to choose how many years of data to display.

Data Source(s): Fall and Summer PEIMS

  • 40100 Student Basic Information Sub-Category StudentExtension Complex Type
  • 40110 Enrollment Sub-Category StudentProgramExtension Complex Type


  • SPED Pop – E0794 (C088) = 1
  • Total Pop – Total count of 40100 records


  • Percent = (SPED Pop / Total Pop) * 100 Rounded


  • Filter on:
    • Submission – Fall or Summer
    • Number of Years to Display
      • Default ‘5 Years Displayed’
      • Utilizes most recent year back to earliest year for number of years selected
    • Multi Select Campus
      • Default All Campuses
      • School Levels
        • High
        • Middle
        • Elementary
  • Drill down on SPED Pop or Total Pop counts to see a detailed list of students
Updated on 03/04/2024

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