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SPPI-14 Student Detail

Summary: This report displays students reported in the SPPI-14 collection along with PEIMS prior year special education data and PEIMS current year fall leaver data.
Note: TSDS started reporting SPPI-14 during the 2020-2021 school year.

Usage: Use this report to ensure accurate reporting of SPPI-14 students. These are students who are identified as having received Special Education services in the prior year PEIMS Summer submission data collection with a Special Education Indicator Code of ‘1’ and are also identified as a Leaver in the current year PEIMS Fall submission data collection with Leaver Reason codes ’01’, ’24’, ’88’, ’90’, or ’98’.

Data Source(s):

  • SPPI-14
    • Interchange Student Parent Extension
      • 40100 – StudentExtension
      • 49010 – Parent
      • 49010 – StudentParentAssociation
  • PEIMS Summer
    • Interchange Student Attendance
      • 42401 -Special Programs Reporting Period Attendance Extension
    • Interchange Student Enrollment Extension
      • 40110 – Student School Association Extension
    • Interchange Student Program Extension
      • 41163 – Student Special Ed Program Association Extension
  • PEIMS Fall
    • Interchange Student Enrollment Extension
      • 40203 – School Leaver Extension


  • Students are pulled from the SPPI-14 Interchanges and then connected to other PEIMS submissions.
  • Student Demographic
    • Grade – Comes from Previous Year Summer 40110 Student School Association Extension
    • Campus – Comes from the Reported Year 40203 School Leaver Extension
  • Codes
    • Leaver Reason (RY) – E1001 (C162)
    • Leaver Military Enlistment (RY) – E1589 (C088)
      • Note: In most cases, we show leaver elements with the year they occurred, not the subsequent year (fall) they are actually reported. RY indicates these leaver columns are showing the year they are reported, not the year they occurred to better match to the SPPI-14 year being reported.
    • Effective Date SPED (PY MR) – E1632 (EffectiveDateSpEd)
    • Instructional Setting (PY MR) – E0173 (C035)
    • Effective Date SPED Disabilities (PY MR) – E1632 (EffectiveDateDisabilities)
    • Primary Disability (PY MR) – E0041 (C053)
      • Note: PY MR indicates these special education columns are being pulled from the previous year summer PEIMS submission. When multiples exist, the most current date’s information will be displayed.
  • Student, Primary Relation, and Secondary Relation Address
    • Address Type – E1113 (DC006)
    • Street Number Name – E1114
    • Apartment Room Suite Number – E1115
    • City – E1117
    • State – E1118 (DC124)
    • Zip Code – E1119
    • Country Code – E1122 (DC033)
  • Student, Primary Relation, and Secondary Relation Phone
    • Telephone Number Type – E1455 (DC133)
    • Telephone Number – E1269
  • Student, Primary Relation, and Secondary Relation Email
    • Email Address Type – E1242 (DC057)
    • Email Address – E1243
  • Primary and Secondary Relation Demographic
    • Relation – E1423 (DC105)
    • Contact Priority – E1427
    • Parent ID – E1324


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Updated on 11/03/2021

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