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Staff Certification– Accepted Data File Layout
This file is an Comma Separated Value format (.CSV)

Staff Certifications can be uploaded to assist with the Accountability>Federal: Accountability Report Center>ESSA, Title I Equity Plan>ESSA PR1500 reports.

The certification data can be accessed in the TEA TEAL’s Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) using ECOS Entities access:

TEA Quick Reference Guide:

Since manipulation to the files can occur, please see the file layout below needed to successfully upload the information.

  • This file is a CSV (Comma Separated) file
  • The file should not contain headers
  • The ‘Year’ selection should match to the year of the ESSA PR1500 reporting. For example, if you are working on the 2018-2019 ESSA PR1500 reports, click on ‘2018-2019’.
  • Only one file is allowed per year. If current file already exists for a particular year, a new file load for that same year will replace existing file.
  • The file format is as follows and needs to be in this order:
    • Social Security or Staff TX Unique ID
    • Cert Typ Code
    • Effective Date
    • Expire Date
    • Grade Level
    • Cert Lvl Code
    • Field Code

Note: It is not necessary to remove certifications that are expired or non-instructional.

Example data:

SS# or              
TX Unique       Cert Typ Code   Effective Date   Expire Date       Grade Level       Cert Lvl Code     Field Code

123456111PRV5/16/1976LifeGrades (PK-12)ALLHPE
123456222PRV5/16/1976LifeGrades (6-12)SECHIS
123456333PRV5/16/1976LifeGrades (6-12)SECHPE
123456444STD12/17/20131/31/2019Grades (6-12)SECBED
123456555STD1/1/201512/31/2020Grades (EC-12)PRFPRN
123456666PRV2/14/1999LifeGrades (6-12)SECBIO
Updated on 11/04/2021

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