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Staff FTE Counts and Salary Report 

Report Location: Staff> Staff Custom Reports > Staff FTE Reports > Staff FTE Counts and Salary Report

Summary: This report produces a listing of staff FTE totals with a total base pay and average base pay for both professional role ids and auxiliary role ids. The report closely models the staff information found in the TAPR. Variances may occur in relation to TEA reports due to rounding methodology and/or dataset differences.

Usage: Review report to ensure appropriate coding of various role ids and that FTEs seem reasonable (number of days employed and percent day employed and monthly minutes on instructional roles). This report can also be used to review average salaries across professional, paraprofessional, and auxiliary staff. Selecting multiple years allows for longitudinal checks of information.

Special Notes:

Total Base Pay and Average Base Pay columns will populate when the user permissions include the Restricted Access of Staff Base Salary. Contact your local OnDataSuite Administrator if you have questions regarding your access.

  • Some role ids can be categorized as either campus or central administration depending on their Organization Code (E0319) found on the 30060-Payroll Extension
    • Organization Code < 700 = Campus Administration (School Leadership)
    • Organization Code > 699 = Central Administration
  • Regional Version – Region in drop-down
    • Summary level only
    • Filter
      • Multi-select districts (Default first district in list)
      • Multi-select Staff categories (Default Total Staff)
        • Total Staff
        • Teachers,
        • Professional Support
        • Campus Admin
        • Central Admin
        • Educational Aides
        • Auxiliary
      • Multi-select years (Default most recent Fall PEIMS year loaded)
    • Drill downs on staff

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • 30050 – Staff Education Org Employment Association Extension Complex Type
    • 30060 – Payroll Extension Complex Type
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type


  • Total Staff – The sum of Professional Staff, Educational Aides, and Auxiliary Staff
    • Professional Staff – The sum of Teachers, Professional Support, Campus Administration, and Central Administration
      • Teachers – The sum of Role ID – E0721 on 30090:
        • 047 – Substitute Teacher – Serves in a classroom in the absence of a teacher certified for that assignment where the teacher
          has quit, died, or been terminated; or, a person who is permanently hired to substitute on an as-needed basis087 – Teacher – A professional employee who is required to hold a valid teacher certificate or permit in order to perform some
          type of instruction to students
    • Professional Support – The sum of Role ID – E0721 on 30090:
      • 002 – Art Therapist – Serves as Art Therapist
      • 005 – Psychological Associate – Serves under the Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) or psychologist to provide guidance and counseling services to students
      • 006 – Audiologist – The person who provides audiological services to students with hearing impairments
      • 007 – Corrective Therapist – Serves as Corrective Therapist
      • 008 – School Counselor – Provides guidance and counseling services to students
      • 011 – Educational Diagnostician – Provides educational diagnostic services and individualized education program development
      • 013 – Librarian – Supervises library/learning resources center, or functions as one of several librarians, or learning resource specialists, on a major campus
      • 015 – Music Therapist – Serves as Music Therapist
      • 016 – Occupational Therapist – Serves as Occupational Therapist
      • 017 – Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS)
      • 018 – Physical Therapist – Serves as Physical Therapist
      • 019 – Physician – Serves as school Physician
      • 021 – Recreational Therapist – Serves as Recreational Therapist
      • 022 – School Nurse – A person that complies with TEC 21.003(b), ‘is licensed by the state agency that licenses that profession’, [Nurse Practitioner (NP), Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)] is employed/contracted by the school district, and whose primary job responsibility is that of school nurse. Only persons licensed by the state agency that licenses nurses may be employed as a school nurse
      • 023 – LSSP/Psychologist – Serves as Licensed Specialist in School Psychology/Psychologist
      • 024 – Social Worker – Serves as the school social worker to provide comprehensive social services as a part of an education team. Social workers must be licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners and must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree
      • 026 – Speech Therapist/Speech-Language Pathologist – Serves as provider of speech-language pathology/speech therapy services
      • 030 – Truant Officer/Visiting Teacher – Directs activities related to promoting and improving school attendance. Such certified staff members provide home, school, and community liaison services
      • 032 – Work-Based Learning Site Coordinator – The code for a Career and Technical Education teacher (087) assigned to career preparation work-based learning experiences is changed from 087 to 032 when visiting a student training site for the purpose of evaluating the student and consulting the employer
      • 041 – Teacher Facilitator – Serves as an exemplary role model in assisting teachers with improving their classroom performance
      • 042 – Teacher Appraiser – Serves as an appraiser in the Texas Teacher Appraisal System
      • 054 – Department Head – Serves as head or chairman of a subject area department on a campus
      • 056 – Athletic Trainer – Serves as a trainer in the athletics program
      • 058 – Other Campus Professional Personnel – Serves as a professional staff member at one or more campuses
      • 064 – Specialist/Consultant – Provides technical assistance and professional development in various areas of an education service center
      • 065 – Field Service Agent – Provides coordinated assistance to districts and campuses
      • 100 – Instructional Materials Coordinator
      • 101 – Legal Services
      • 102 – Communications Professional (Including but not limited to Public Information Officer, Community Liaison)
      • 103 – Research/Evaluation Professional (Including but not limited to Analysis, Grant Writers)
      • 104 – Internal Auditor
      • 105 – Security (Including but not limited to Chief of Police, Investigators, Police Officers)
      • 106 – District/Campus Information Technology Professional (Including but not limited to Programmer/Analyst, Network Specialist, Database Administrator, PEIMS Coordinator, Other)
      • 107 – Food Service Professional (including but not limited to Dietician)
      • 108 – Transportation
      • 109 – Athletics (Other than Athletic Director)
      • 110 – Custodial – Staff serving in a professional/management role
      • 111 – Maintenance – Staff serving in a professional/management role
      • 112 – Business Services Professional (Including but not limited to Accounting, Budget, Professional Payroll Staff)
      • 113 – Other District Exempt Professional Auxiliary – Assign this role to district staff who are professional-level, noninstructional staff who cannot be classified in any other role regardless of where assigned. Physical work location is not a determining factor.
      • 114 – Other Campus Exempt Professional Auxiliary – Serves as a professional staff member at one or more campuses. Do not use this role unless no other role applies to the staff member. Some examples of staff who are to be shown with this role are:
        • campus volunteer coordinators
        • dean and
        • instructional officers assigned to a campus
      • 115 – Psychiatric Nurse
      • 116 – Licensed clinical Social Worker
      • 117 – Licensed Professional Counselor
      • 118- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
      • 119 – Family and Community Liaison
      • 120 – Instructional Coach
      • 121 – Chaplain : Provides support, services and programs to students as assigned by the board of trustees of the district or governing body of the school.

    • Campus Administration (School Leadership) – Role ID – E0721 on 30090:
      • 003 – Assistant Principal – Assists the principal of a particular campus in any duties the principal may deem appropriate
      • 020 – Principal – Serves as the instructional leader of the school whose duties include selecting teachers for the campus, setting education objectives, developing budgets for the campus, and working with school professionals to prepare individual development plans
    • Central Administration – Role ID – E0721 on 30090
      • 027 – Superintendent/Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Executive Officer/President – The educational leader and administrative manager of the school district
      • 004 – Assistant/Associate/Deputy Superintendent – Assists the superintendent of a particular school district in any duties the superintendent may deem appropriate. Persons assigned to this role usually perform functions associated with more than one campus
    • Either Campus or Central Administration – Role ID – E0721 on 30090 (see special notes)
      • 012 – District Instructional Program Director or Executive Director – Serves under the superintendent, or higher grade instructional administrative officer, as the key specialist for a major instructional, instructional related, or pupil service program. Responsibilities may include curriculum development or supervision of programs or personnel whose assignments require certification or licensure. Only degreed, certified personnel may be placed in this category. Examples include, but are not limited to, staff serving as Director of Guidance and Counseling, Director of Curriculum, Director of Librarians, Director of Bilingual/ESL, Career and Technical Director, Director of Special Education, and Director of Social Studies
      • 028 – Teacher Supervisor – Provides consultant services to teachers in a grade level, adjacent grades, in a teaching field, or group of related fields
      • 040 – Athletic Director – Used only when the staff member with such a title is performing administrative tasks directing the athletic program. Responsibilities may include supervision of coaches and other personnel in the athletic program. It is not used when coaching duties are being performed
      • 043 – Business Manager – Serves as business manager or Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
      • 044 – Tax Assessor and/or Collector – Serves as district tax assessor, tax collector, or tax assessor-collector
      • 045 – Director of Personnel/Human Resources – Serves as personnel or human resources director
      • 055 – Registrar – Serves as school or district registrar
  • FTE Total – The measure of the extent to which a person (or responsibility) occupies a full-time position, or the portion of time spent in that role (responsibility) by part-time staff
  • Total Base Pay – Includes base pay only and does not include any supplemental pay


  • FTE Total – Utilizes the 30050 (Employee FTE) and 30090 (Partial FTE)
    • Employee FTE determines if full-time or part-time staff based upon 30050 – StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtension
      • If the number of days employed (E0160) is greater than or equal to 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking the percent of day employed (E0760) divided by 100
      • If the number of days employed is less than 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking (percent of the day employed / 100) x (the number of days employed) all divided by 187
    • Partial FTE (PFTE) is the per 30090-StaffResponsibilitiesExtension FTE calculated as the portion of the Employee FTE that is spent in the specific role. There are four types of PFTE calculations depending upon staff type – Instructional, Non-Instructional and a mixture of the two. Reference TEA TIPS for Calculating Staff FTEs.
    • SSA Staff are excluded (org 751) and contract SSA Staff (reference Staff Exclusions in TAPR Glossary)
  • Average Base Pay – Total base pay divided by FTE count for each category and role id
    • NoteFTE rounding may cause discrepancies in totals


  • Can be run at the district level or for a single campus **Campus-level reports do not include any PFTE for Auxiliary staff.
  • Can be run for a specific year or multiple years
  • Details On/Off for detailed rows (Role ID) or summary level data by the categories:
    • Total Staff
    • Professional Staff
    • Teachers
    • Professional Support
    • Campus Administration (School Leadership)
    • Central Administration
    • Educational Aides
    • Auxiliary Staff
  • Drill down on FTE totals for detailed staff list
    • Base Salary column is included in detailed staff list if user account permissions has Restricted Areas of Staff Payroll and Staff Base Salary access (Contact your local ODS Administrator for User Account updates).

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

Matches closely to the TAPR


TIPS for Calculating Staff FTEs

Updated on 11/16/2023

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