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Staff Total Monthly Minutes

Summary: This report lists the total monthly minutes for staff’s responsibility records in the fall. It includes drill down capability to review individual responsibility records.

Usage: Use this report to examine staff’s total monthly minutes, including extremely low or extremely high values, for ensuring accurate reporting of PEIMS data extracted from the SIS master schedule.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Fall records

  • Interchange Staff Association
    • 30040 – StaffExtension Complex Type
    • 30090 – StaffResponsibilitiesExtension Complex Type


  • Only displays staff who have sum of Monthly Minutes (E1057) > 0


  • Sum of all 30090 responsibility records’ Monthly Minutes (E1057)


  • Year
  • Multi-select Campus (Default All Campuses)
  • Slider to narrow Monthly Minutes search
  • Use arrows on fields for sorting on the screen
  • Drill down on Total Monthly Minutes to review individual 30090 responsibility records including the Role ID, Class ID Number, Service ID, Monthly Minutes, Population Served, Class Type, and # Students in Class
Updated on 11/04/2021

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