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Student Course Completion Records

Report Location: Student>Student Custom Reports>Course Completion

Summary: This report displays student course completion records from PEIMS summer submission along with teacher TX-unique ID and teacher name from the Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection. Records are attached between collections via Class ID Number.

  • Note: Must have both student and staff access to run report

Usage: Use report to display PEIMS student course completion records tied to the class roster winter enrollment teacher with greater flexibility due to numerous filtering capabilities.

Special Note(s):

  • Ensure that both TSDS – PEIMS and TSDS – Class Roster for Winter Enrollment are loaded in the File Center for the appropriate year.
  • Student Course Completion records with blank teachers are either Non-Campus Based Instruction codes other than 00 or were not reported in the Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection.
  • Due to the cascading effect of the filters, when changing any filter, be sure to revisit each filter to make sure all selections desired are checked.

Data Sources:

  • PEIMS Summer records
    • 40100 – Interchange Student
    • 43415 – Interchange Student Transcript
  • Class Roster Winter Enrollment
    • 30040 – Interchange Staff


  • PEIMS Summer
    • Campus – Course Completion Campus ID of Enrollment E0782
    • Class ID Number – E1056
    • Service ID – E0724 (C022)
    • Non-Campus Based Instruction – E1072 (C182)
    • Pass/Fail Indicator – E0949 (C136)
    • Dual Credit Indicator – E1011 (C088)
    • OnRamps Dual Enrollment Indicator Code – E1597 (C088)
    • ATC Indicator – E1058 (C088)
    • College Credit Hours – E1081
    • Student Begin Date – E1069
    • Student End Date – E1070
  • Class Roster Winter Enrollment
    • Teacher TX UID – E1524
    • Teacher First – E0703
    • Teacher Last – E0705


  • Filter on:
    • Year (Default Current Year)
    • Multi-select Campuses (Default first campus in drop-down)
    • Multi-select Grades (Default All)
    • Multi-select Service IDs (Default All)
      • Allows 4 groups of courses to be chosen independently or in combination
        • CTE Courses excluding Tech Apps
        • CTE Technical Application Courses
        • CTE Approved Certification Courses (TEA IBC)
        • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
    • Multi-select Teachers (Default All)
    • Multi-select Course Sequences (Default All)
    • Multi-select Pass/Fail Indicators (Default All)
  • Drill down:
    • Student ID to see Student Profile
    • Teacher TXUID to see Staff Profile
Updated on 10/11/2023

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