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Student Discipline Records

Summary: This report displays student discipline records for every single discipline action.

Usage: Review records to ensure accurate 44425 discipline reporting to PEIMS. Can also be used to export to Excel for counts on various information such as action codes, incident numbers, etc.

Data Sources: PEIMS Summer records

  • 40100 – Interchange Student
  • 44425 – Interchange Student Discipline


  • Campus – Disciplinary Campus ID of Enrollment E0782
  • Disciplinary Incident Number – E1016
  • Disciplinary Action Num. – E1004
  • Reporting Period – Disciplinary Reporting Period Indicator E0934
  • Disciplinary Action Reason – E1006 (C165)
  • Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 (C164)
  • Official Length – E1007
  • Actual Length – E1008
  • Disciplinary Length Difference Reason – E1009 (C166)
  • Date of Disciplinary Action – E1036


  • Filter on:
    • Year
    • Multi-select Campuses (default All)
    • Multi-select Discipline Action Reason (default All)
    • Multi-select Discipline Action Code (default All)
    • Multi-select Reporting Period (default All)

Special Note(s):

  • Due to the cascading effect of the filters, when changing any filter, be sure to revisit each filter to make sure all selections desired are checked.
Updated on 11/04/2021

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