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Student Mobility Rate Report

Report Location: Report linked under Student and Accountability

  • Student>Student Custom Reports>Miscellaneous>Student Mobility Rate Report
  • Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>OnTAPR>Student Mobility Rate Report

Summary: This report displays numerators, denominators and mobility rates by campus and district of students who are considered to be mobile based on membership percentages being less than 83% at a campus. (This percentage is derived from the annual TAPR/TPRS mobility rate calculation.)

Usage: View attributes on students who are considered mobile by drilling down on counts.

Special Notes:

  • Only applies to students who move within the district from campus to campus. It does not include students moving in or outside of your district since we do not have access to the data statewide.
  • COVID-19 Remote Attendance Adjustments – applied to 2020-2021 AND 2021-2022 years calculations.
    • Totals include RS and RA remote attendance per the calculation.
    • The Column will be labeled with (Covid-19 Remote) in the Year column.

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS

42400 Basic Attendance Sub-Category
BasicReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type


  • Only includes Grade Levels 1-12
  • Excludes students who have a summer Campus ID of Accountability (E1027) not equal to the Campus ID of Enrollment


  • Mobile Students = Total Eligible Days Present + Total Days Absent + Total Ineligible Days Present/Total Number of Days Taught at the Campus < 83% (Membership Percentage)
    • 2020-2021 AND 2021-2022 RA/RS Included: Total Eligible Days Present +RA Total Eligible Days Present + RS Total Eligible Days Present + Total Days Absent + Total Ineligible Days Present/Total Number of Days Taught by Campus < 83% (Membership Percentage)
  • All Students = Any student who has an attendance record
  • Mobility Rate = Mobile Students / All Students
  • Note: The District rate is calculated separately from the Campus rates, so it will not always equal the sum of the campus information due to students belonging to multiple campuses. For example, one student might be < 83% membership on two separate campuses. They would only count as one student in the District rate if they were less than 83% membership or might be removed if their district membership was greater than or = 83%.


  • Multi select Year (Default latest 3 years of Summer PEIMS loaded)
  • Multi select Campus (Default all campuses)
    • All campuses selected displays District Summary and each campus
    • Specific campuses selected displays District Summary, Campus Summary of all campuses selected, and each campus
  • Special Program (Default all students)
    • Filter will identify students in the selected special program and apply the mobility calculations to that subset of students
  • Drill down on counts for detailed student lists

Resources for Qualifications and Calculations:

Updated on 04/17/2024

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