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Students With A CTE Course Completion Record But No CTE Contact Hours

Summary: This query displays a list of students who are reported with a course completion/transcript record on a CTE course, but do not have corresponding CTE contact hours.

Usage: The students on this report need to be reviewed to ensure they have the proper CTE contact hours to enable the district to claim funding if applicable (V1 – V6 codes).

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS records

  • Interchange Student Transcript Extension
    • 43415 Course Completion Sub-Category
      CourseTranscriptExtension Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Attendance Extension
    • 42401 Special Programs Reporting Period Attendance Sub-Category
      SpecialProgramsReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type
      The SpecialProgramsReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type is used to report the following attendance sub-categories:
    • 42410 – Career and Technical Education
    • 42510 – Career and Technical Flexible Attendance


  • Filter on:
    • Year
    • Campus
    • Grade Level (default 9th – 12th grades)

Special Notes: Examples to consider – See SAAH

  • 7th and 8th CTED students only may claim funding if qualifications are met.
  • CTE courses taught by non certified/qualified teachers may not claim funding.
  • Districts not offering at least one coherent sequence of CTE courses in at least three different Career Cluster may not claim funding.
Updated on 10/25/2021

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