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Discipline Actual Length Served Summary

Summary: This report lists campuses with total number of students who meet the selected discipline action code actual length days accumulated range.

Usage: Review students who have accumulated a high number of selected disciplinary placements. The report can be used to identify students where intervention would be possible to prevent further placements.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • 44425 – Interchange Student Discipline
    • Discipline Action Extension Complex Type


  • Disciplinary Action Code – E1005 (C164) : Report defaults to ISS Action Codes (6 and 26)
  • Actual Length Of Disciplinary Assignment – E1008 within selected filters


  • Actual Length of Disciplinary Assignment days are totaled for all disciplinary incidents


  • Filters:
    • Disciplinary Action Code – report defaults to ISS codes 06 and 26.
      • All Disciplinary Action Codes reported for year indicated are available to be filtered.
    • Actual Days sliding range (default is lowest number of days on a discipline incident to the highest number of days reported on a discipline incident for the specific Discipliary Action Code(s) selected.
      • Adjust the slider to filter the report to the range to be reviewed.
    • School Year
  • Drill down on counts to review students with the accumulated Actual Length days
    • Drill down on students to see individual student profile’s Discipline information (Summer PEIMS>Attendance and Discipline>Toggle Discipline Details)
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Updated on 07/27/2022

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