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Summer PEIMS Checklist

Report Location: Student > Student Custom Reports > PEIMS Summary and Review Reports > Summer PEIMS Checklist

Summary: This report displays data used in TSDS PEIMS reports from Summer PEIMS across multiple years.
Each report number and title is displayed to use for comparison purposes.

Usage: Audit Summer PEIMS data by looking at how data was reported in prior years. Inconsistencies should be investigated.

Special Notes:

  • Blank fields are free form to allow manual entry in areas such as EDIT counts. The variables entered will be saved for all users, not just the user who entered them.
  • Save button available when a information is entered in an editable field. When the report is saved the variables entered by the user will retrieve automatically each time the report is run.
  • 2019-2020 COVID-19 ADA Adjustments per TEA GuidanceGeneral Funding Question 1.
    • Only reporting periods 1 – 4 are used in the 19-20 calculations, any 5-6 reporting period data is ignored. Cells highlighted in red for 19-20 ADA, FTE, % of Attendance indicates the calculation has been adjusted per TEA Guidance.
  • 2020-2021 COVID-19 Remote Attendance Adjustments
    • The following sections include the RS and RA remote attendance elements
      • PDM3-130-005 Comparison of Current & Prior Year Attendance
      • PDM3-120-004 Disaggregation of PEIMS Summer Attendance Data
        • Attendance Percentages

Data Sources: Summer PEIMS files


  • District PEIMS Coordinator is pulled from AskTED. If the name is incorrect, please contact your AskTED Administrator to have the PEIMS Coordinator data updated in AskTED.


  • Choose multiple years to compare
  • Campus filter
  • Material change – Year to year results exceeding the percent entered (default 5%) will be highlighted in the report.
Updated on 08/28/2023

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