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Summer Student Special Ed Program Information for PEIMS/RF Tracker

Summary: This report displays summer special education program information by student which is reported in summer PEIMS but primarily used for RF Tracker purposes.

Note: XMLFiles must be loaded in order for full results to appear in the Special Education, Special Education Disabilities, and Special Education Services sections. CSV files do not contain the effective dates for the special education sections, therefore they do not provide enough information for the report to produce complete information.

Usage: Use this report to ensure accurate special education reporting for both the summer PEIMS submission and the RF Tracker collection due late July.

Data Source(s): PEIMS XML Summer records

  • Interchange Student
    • 40100 – StudentExtension Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Program
    • 40110 – StudentProgramExtension Complex Type
    • 41163 – StudentSpecialEdProgramAssociationExtension Complex Type


  • Pulls any student coded with E0794 Special Ed Indicator Code = 1
  • Many students can have multiple rows of information due to effective date tracking
    • Note: Initial display will shade single student with multiple rows the same color
  • SPED – Summer – E0794 (C088)
  • Special Education
    • Effective Date – E1632 (EffectiveDateSpEd)
    • Instructional Setting – E0173 (C035)
    • Multiply Disabled – E0882 (C088) Note: not used for RF Tracker, only PEIMS Summer
  • Special Education Disabilities
    • Effective Date – E1632 (EffectiveDateDisabilities) Note: Also used for PEIMS Summer
    • Primary Disability – E0041 (C053) Note: Also used for PEIMS Summer
    • Secondary Disability – E0834 (C053)
    • Tertiary Disability – E0835 (C053)
  • Special Education Services
    • Effective Date – E1632 (EffectiveDateServices)
    • Assist Tech – E0997 (C088)
    • Audio Serv – E0838 (C088)
    • Counsel Serv – E0840 (C088)
    • Early Chldhd Interv – E0900 (C088)
    • Interp Serv – E1040 (C174)
    • Medical Diag Serv – E0841 (C088)
    • Occup Thrpy – E0843 (C088)
    • Orient Moblty Trng – E0844 (C088)
    • Phys Thrpy – E0845 (C088)
    • PPCD – E0899 (C088)
    • Psych Serv – E0846 (C088)
    • Rec – E0847 (C088)
    • RDSPD – E0833 (C067)
    • School Health Serv – E0848 (C088)
    • Soc Work Serv – E0849 (C088)
    • Spch Thrpy – E0857 (C095)
    • Transprt – E0851 (C088)


  • Filter on:
    • Single-select Year (Default most recent year)
      • Note: 41163 started reporting in summer PEIMS 2019-2020
    • Multi-select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Multi-select Grade (Default All Grades)
    • Focus List to see a specific set of students
Updated on 11/03/2021

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