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Teachers Salary by Years Experience

Report Location: Staff > Staff Custom Reports > Teacher Summary Reports > Teachers Salary by Years Experience

Summary: This report is a minimum two year comparison by years of experience for teachers reporting the counts, FTEs and actual average base pay for role id 087 only.

Usage: Review report to evaluate teachers by years of experience. Look for reasonable count, FTE and actual base salary variance. This report can also be used to review change in actual average salaries by years of experience for teachers.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS records

  • InterchangeStaffAssociation
    • 30040 – Staff Basic Information Complex Type
    • 30050 – Employment Payroll Summary Complex Type
    • 30060 – Payroll Extension Complex Type
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type

Special Instructions:

Average Base Salary columns will populate when the user permissions include the Restricted Access of Staff Base Salary. Contact your local OnDataSuite Administrator if you have questions regarding your access.


  • Teachers– Role ID equal 087
  • Years of Experience – The Total Professional Years Experience as reported on the 30040 (Staff Basic Information)


  • Number of Teachers – Utilizes the 30040 (Total Years of Professional Experience) and 30090 (Role ID = 087) to provide a total count of teachers by Years of Experience.
  • Teacher FTE – Utilizes the 30050 (Employee FTE) and 30090 (Partial FTE)
    • Employee FTE determines if full-time or part-time staff and based upon 30050 – StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtension
      • If the number of days employed (E0160) is greater than or equal to 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking the percent of day employed (E0760) divided by 100
      • If the number of days employed is less than 187, the FTE is a decimal number created by taking (percent of the day employed / 100) x (the number of days employed) all divided by 187
    • Partial FTE is the per 30090-StaffResponsibilitiesExtension FTE calculated as the portion of the Employee FTE that is spent in the specific role. Reference TEA TIPS for Calculating Staff FTEs for details on the Instructional Partial FTE calculation. 
  • Average Base Pay – Total Base Pay per 30090-StaffResponsibilitiesExtension for Role ID = 087 Partial FTE divided by FTE count for each years of experience.
    • Base Pay per 30090 record for Role ID 087 = Partial FTE for the 30090 record * (sum of 30060 (PayrollExtension) Payroll Amount (e0425) where Payroll Activity Code (e0424) = 80 (Base Pay) )
    • *Note – when the total FTE for the years experience is less than 1, the Average Base Pay is equal to the Base Pay reported. There is no division by the FTE.
  • Number of Teachers Change (+/-) – the difference of the latest year Number of Teachers and the earliest year Number of Teachers.
  • Teacher FTE Change (+/-) – the difference of the latest year Teacher FTE and the earliest year Teacher FTE.
  • Average Base Salary Change (+/-) – the difference of the latest year Average Base Salary and the earliest year Average Base Salary.
  • Total Number and FTE : the respective column total for Number or FTE of Teachers.
  • Total of Average Base Salary columns it is the (Sum of the Teacher FTE * Average Base Salary for each row) / Total Teacher FTE.


  • Filters: Years -Minimum two years required for report. Default is the latest two years of Fall Staff PEIMS files loaded in ODS. You may select more than 2 years for report comparison.
  • Filters: District or Campus – can be run at the district level or for a single campus. Default is district level report.
  • Drill down on Number and FTE totals for detailed staff list. 

Updated on 01/05/2024

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