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Teacher Years of Experience

Summary: This report displays teacher years of experience ranges by core subjects with FTE counts and percentages for multiple years along with graphical representations of the data.

Usage: Use this report to analyze teacher year’s experience rates by core subjects at the district or campus level.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Fall records

  • Interchange Staff
    • 30040 – Staff Extension Complex Type
    • 30050 – Staff Education Org Employment Association Extension Complex Type
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension Complex Type


  • Teachers Only – Role ID E0721 = 087 or 047
  • Years of Experience – E0130
    • Beginning Teachers – E0130 = 00
    • 1-5 Years Experience – E0130 Between 01 and 05
    • 6-10 Years Experience – E0130 Between 06 and 10
    • 11-20 Years Experience – E0130 Between 11 and 20
    • Over 20 Years Experience – E0130 > 20
  • Subjects – Uses predefined table with core subjects attached to teacher responsibilities service IDs (E0724)


  • FTE Count – Uses 30090-Responsibilities records to calculate FTE based on core subject type
  • Percentages
    • By Years of Experience = (Teacher FTE Count / Total Teacher FTEs) * 100
    • By Core Subjects
      • All Core Subjects = (Teacher FTE Count for All Core Subjects / Total Teacher FTE Count for that experience range) * 100
      • Each Subject = (Teacher FTE Count / Total Teacher FTE Count for that experience range) * 100


  • Filter on:
    • Multiple Years (Default most recent 3 years)
    • Multi-select Campus (Default All campuses)
  • Graphs
    • Pie Graph
      • Year Selector
      • Print/Download
      • Drill down on Years of Experience ranges to see Subject percentages
    • Line Graph to compare multiple years of experience range percentages
      • Print/Download
  • Drill down on FTE counts to see detailed list of teachers with their service IDs and Years of Experience

Special Notes:

  • Drill down staff detailed list totals will typically be higher than the FTE counts since the FTE count is calculated using the 30090 records. Teachers who are not teaching that subject 100% will have a lower FTE count calculation, but will still count as 1 in the detailed staff list.
    • For example, elementaries where teachers have all 4 core subjects in their responsibility records will be split on their FTE calculation between the 4 core subject types which lowers the FTE count considerably.
Updated on 11/04/2021

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