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Staff Retention Rate


  • Report provides retention rates for the district and campus levels for role ID selected based on staff counts. Report can be run for multiple years to see longitudinal comparisons.
  • The report will initially load showing the teacher (role ID 087) retention rates.

Usage: Review report across years to see trends in retention rates at both the district and campus levels. Can also be used for grant and research purposes.

Special Notes:

  • Staff with a different county district number in their 30090 responsibility record than the reporting county district will not be included
  • Table cells that do not contain data are shown as two dashes. [–] = No Data
  • If there is no data for each of the selected years for a particular campus, that campus will not be shown in the report.

Data Sources: PEIMS Fall records

  • Interchange Staff Association
    • 30060 – Payroll Extension
    • 30090 – Staff Responsibilities Extension


  • The calculation is the number of staff for the role ID selected who returned the subsequent year / the number of staff for the role ID selected in the prior year.
    • Note: It requires that a staff member is labeled with the same role ID in both the prior and current year’s Fall PEIMS Submission to be included in the retention rate. Additionally, if specific Program Intent or Population Served Codes are selected in the filter, the staff member must be in the same code for both prior and current year.


  • Filter on:
    • Multi select Campus filter based on 30090-Responsibility records (Defaults to All Campuses)
    • Multi select Program Intent Code-E0320 (Defaults to all PIC)
    • Multi select Population Served Code-E0747 (Defaults to all pop served)
    • Single select Role ID-E0721 (Defaults to 087-Teacher)
    • Multi select year (Defaults to most recent staff year loaded)
Updated on 11/04/2021

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