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TEHCY Homeless Assessment Results

Summary: This report displays information related to completing the TECHY end of year survey on assessment data including STAAR 3-8 by grade level and subject, and EOC by subject.

Usage: This report is used to help complete the TEHCY end of year survey assessment data.

Data Sources:

  • PEIMS Fall
    • 40100 – Interchange Student
  • PEIMS Summer
    • 40100 – Interchange Student
  • STAAR 3-8


  • Only includes students coded Homeless (E1082 = 2, 3, 4, or 5) in either fall or summer PEIMS
  • Grade levels are based on Grade Tested
  • Student counts are based on highest assessment score level for all administrations of the subject (April, May, June, July)
  • Students are counted in only one assessment score level category, no duplicates


  • Filter on:
    • Year
    • Single Select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Focus List to review specific group of students

Special Note(s):

  • Year filter = year of data, usually one year back from when end of year survey released
Updated on 11/04/2021

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